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Writer's Block: Scary movie

I don't find any films that scary but I'll put scary films that I liked instead. House on horror hill, nightmare on elm street, the Ring 2 the Exorcist, the Omen 1 and 2.

Writer's Block: Subtitles please

An American remake of a good film? Surly that would make it terrible, because you'll lose the bits that made it good; the differences in culture and the characters that normally can't be translated...
Maybe dubbing it or just adding subtitles would be better because you can't improve on something that's already brilliant!

Writer's Block: Let freedom ring

I'm sure the 4th of July is only Americas independence day, loads of countries celebrate different things for different reasons, the question should really be How does your country celebrate your day of independence not everyone is American you know and most other countries don't even know your history let alone your celebrations.
I don't think anyone in Europe celebrates it at all :/ or anyone outside of America. Maybe a day of Independence for completely different reasons but not the 4th of July.

Writer's Block: Going for the throat

A Vampire Hunter defiantly, because actual vampires are horrible soulless creatures that would kill anything or anyone, they don't love, they don't have friends and they don't sparkle and that for me would be a living hell.
I would choose a very small country (not show which one) because it would be easier to look after and keep the people happy ^^ maybe the Isle of Wight?
My favourite cult film is all of the Monty Python films because they're brilliant ^^

Writer's Block: Tobacco road

Yes I would. Because it's been proven to be harmful and just think about all the people it harms when smoking in public pregnant women, children, your friends etc. But I don't think it should be completely band as some people choose too, they just shouldn't smoke near public streets.

Writer's Block: It's always summer

I would choose spring or autumn because it can be raining, cold, hot, sunny, windy all in one. The trees change in both too :)

Writer's Block: A five-star location

Well I live in a town not a city for a start, and I quite like it, I mean it's quite boring but it is beautiful, most of the town is made up of old fashioned black and white Victorian houses, there used to be a salt mine near by so we have a few mines we can visit and we have two rivers with lots of trees, flowers and wild life but the most beautiful place has to be at the top of the hill near the old boat lift, you can see the world town centre from there ^^ Well when its not raining XD I do live in England after all

LJ wont let me put in a picture so here's the link instead ^^


and here's the wiki page because not a lot of people now about Northwich XD But it does hold the worlds biggest motorcycle party called the thundersprint http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thundersprint